My friend Charlie – I first met Charlie in 1950, he was playing Water Polo for Willenhall. They were a young team, their Captain was Charlie Griffiths who later became the manager of Bilston Swimming Baths.

Charlie and Mary were both Members of Willenhall S.C. married and concentrating on their careers, Mary a Phlebotomist and Charlie an Electrician. In 1965 they joined Bilston S.C. they brought up a family but still took an interest in swimming as Members of the Committee of Bilston S.C. they then decided to become swimming officials taking the written and practical exams. Charlie carried on to take the referees exam and became a very capable and well respected referee, weekends in the Steed diary were given to competitive swimming.

In the year 1995 Charlie was elected to the Staffordshire ASA Executive. He served on the Swimming Committee and then in 2004 was elected President when for twelve months he was a very fine ambassador for Staffordshire throughout the Sport.

Charlie Steed was first and foremost a family man, a very dear friend who loved swimming and enjoyed the company of people, his sense of fun was infectious he would make the dull days enjoyable. We can all look back and thank Charlie for his contribution to swimming and also to our pleasure in knowing him.

Peter W. Holmes MBE

My Dear Friend